Vector Thinking

Getting Started

Install Vector Board using the Atlassian Marketplace. Once installed, you will see a "V-Board" menu item in Jira. Click this menu item to display the Vector Board. Vector Board will render a visualization of your current scrum board for your current project. The display is currently limited to 100 issues.


Vector Board provides a visualization of your Jira scrum board that shows your project status at a glance and enables faster and better project planning and tracking.


Vector Board is configured to work only with software projects in Atlassian Jira Cloud. You must have one scrum board set up for the active project and you must have an active sprint.

Limited-Release Paid Beta

Vector Board is currently available as a limited-release paid beta. Early adopters will be able to purchase Vector Board at a reduced cost and determine the final set of 1.0 features.


For any questions or feedback, support is available via email at We will respond to all questions within 2 business days.